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Welcome back, Chipmunk Nutshell Union. Right now, there are 0 listeners. Use the tabs above to access the various bits and pieces of this site. The alphabetical list of songs can be found on the Requests tab.


02/20/21 21:23
  Due to a crazy frozen 4-day long power outage in Texas, the power supply in the RADIO-1 server has died. I have ordered a replacement unit, which should arrive in the next 3-5 days!

04/14/19 22:48
  Requests are broken, but I'm working on fixing it. The server finally died so I replaced it, but some things didn't migrate 100%. I will redesign the site in the foreseeable future since this one is so slow and inefficient (and not working properly)..

02/04/16 20:09
  There are some minor bugs in the system. Things like request counts not getting updated, and alphabetic lists out of order.. I plan to fix them soon. :)

11/12/15 23:39
  RADIO-1's hard drive is dying, which is causing the operating system to freeze up. I will be rebuilding the server very soon!
  UPDATE 11/13/15: The drive died completely, but not before I was able to take a backup. The new server is now built, but the software and media
  content has not yet been replaced on it. I am working on that, and the services should be restored sometime within the next 36 hours.  :)

08/10/15 17:10
  ★ I finally fixed the locale saving for people who have IPv6 addresses. It will probably still show up as RESERVED initially until I can update the GeoIP database functions to recognise IPv6 addresses.

04/20/15 19:16
  I noticed that all the B-52s songs (and probably others) were missing from the list. I have fixed it. Bad database query: INNER JOIN vs LEFT JOIN. :P

03/25/15 20:12
  Request count checking is currently managed by the streaming software. I have almost completed a rewrite of the system which will (once again) allow you to re-request songs which are already in the queue and cause them to move to the front of the queue (at the cost of one song request)

03/06/15 23:03
  This website is accessible via IPv6. The address is 2001:4978:000f:0040:0000:0000:0000:0002 (2001:4978:f:40::2)

02/17/15 20:54
  Song lyrics are back online (for songs which have lyrics available)
  Also, RELAY-1 is back online with 100 listener slots. :D
  The address is
  All MP3 playlist generators now point there as the default stream.

02/04/15 18:26
  • Fixed the apostrophe-songs request notification bug. Bad database query. ;)

02/01/15 22:30
  Increased stream bitrates to 64kbps+
  • Updated front-end UI in main interface
  • Updated front-end UI in web mini-player
  • Updated back-end WeaselScript modules
  • Updated back-end weasels
  • Updated front weasels
  • Fixed some songs which were missing from the requests list
  • Made a list of features which need to be completed/implemented
    ♦ Implemented the Contact page
        - Added a MAPTCHA anti-bot check, since I was spammed within 24 hours of putting it online.

01/27/15 19:44
  • Fixed the "&"-containing-songs request count fetch/update bug. Bad database query. :D

01/26/15 20:33
  • The random song listing loads MUCH faster now. Bad database query. :P

01/26/15 16:33
  • Fixed the songs-with-the-same-name request bug. Bad database query.

01/24/15 21:26
  • Fixed the problem with the request pages generating 503 errors, which I wasn't aware of until today. :P

04/11/14 16:22
  I'm going to fix and change some things soon.

01/31/13 18:00
  The power supply in the RADIO-1 server seems to have died. I will acquire a replacement within the next 24 hours and the station should be back up and running. Sorry about the down time. I blame cosmic rays.

01/18/11 05:01
  The web-based player now plays the AAC+ and MP3 streams (via Flash) and the Ogg stream (via Java) and seems to work in all the browsers I was able to test it on. :)

01/17/11 05:49
  Hmm. The llAvatar function was broken. It's fixed now. Again. ^_^

01/13/11 06:23
  The web-based player is working now, and I added an AAC+ stream (which sounds good!).. I just noticed that the request-song-again-to-place-it-at-the-front-of-the-queue feature has not been re-implemented. I will work on adding it again sometime soon.

05/29/03 14:47
  Woo hoo! The Weasel Radio Network was featured in an article by KUAM Channel 8 News in Guam!
  You can see the article here: (The original article is gone, this is an archived copy.)

Previous news is archived here..

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