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I'm working on a few things..
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Welcome back, Chipmunk Nutshell Union. Right now, there are 0 listeners. Use the tabs above to access the various bits and pieces of this site. The alphabetical list of songs can be found on the Requests tab.


01/07/11 08:28
  Fixed! And it appears to be much more stable now. We shall see...

01/06/11 01:33
  At this point, I am fed up with my hardware. Again, the WEASEL-1 host server is misbehaving! This time, either the default route gets a rogue entry added to it, which causes the whole server to stop routing packets, or else the host server gets stuck with a kernel panic, or else the VirtualBox virtual machine (RADIO-1) keeps crashing. To alleviate this situation, I will be building WEASEL-1 into a separate machine (to mainly act as a file server) and make the physical machine which is now WEASEL-1 into a physical copy of RADIO-1. No more virtualisation, so hopefully no more crashes. Until then, the stream will keep occasionally freezing up and disconnecting, and I will have to reboot the server each time this happens. I apologise for the dropouts, which tend to happen when I'm either sleeping or else nowhere near the server.

12/12/10 00:00
  For some ridiculous unexplainable reason, the WEASEL-1 host server stopped routing packets for the RADIO-1 virtual machine. After hours and hours of route modifications and pings and traceroutes, I ended up completely rewriting the bridge adapter script, and it is finally working now. I apologise for the inconvenience.

11/13/10 04:07
  Song requests are fully working now, and the llAvatar mechanism is also online again. I still need to fix some things and rebuild the missing stuff, I'm working on it whenever I have a chance, but I was in a bad car accident recently and have a lot to deal with lately. I've also been working a lot lately, trying to catch up on expenses related to the accident (no, I was not at fault :) )
  I will work on the song search function and user locale settings soon.

08/09/09 03:49
  The web-based player is working now. It is Java-based and plays the Ogg stream. I am working on finding a decent Flash-based player as well, for those who don't support Java.

08/07/09 12:52
  I have received some feedback saying that FireFox 2.x no longer works for song requests. I have hopefully fixed it, but since I don't have a FF 2.x platform, I cannot test it. Can the folks who told me about the problem please verify for me whether or not I managed to fix it? Thank you ^_^

07/27/09 07:02
  Color themes are working now, and can be set here. Please note that cookies must be enabled in order to use them.

07/25/09 01:16
  OK, the new website is deployed. There are a few loose ends to tie up, and still a few features to improve and/or implement. This should be more reliable than the attempted AJAX version which was here yesterday!
  Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems or feature suggestions to mention.

09/28/10 00:00
  Under (re)construction.. I couldn't find any recent backups. -- the stream is back up, but requests are not yet.
  Click here to listen to the normal MPEG stream, here for the Ogg Vorbis stream, or here for the lower-bitrate dialup stream.
  The song request script is working now, but the song listing pages still need to be recreated. I am working on those..

01/30/09 05:27
  Three of the nine drives on the WEASEL-1 server are reporting errors, and must be replaced.
  Unfortunately, I need to take it offline to do so.. I plan to do the necessary hard-drive-stuff-moving-around later tonight (if the listener count drops to a certain amount).
  In the end, this will help with energy usage and heat, as I'll be taking 1/3 (or more) of the hard drives out of the equation. Take that, carbon footprint!

09/12/08 00:00
 ! I live in central Texas, and there is a rather large and nasty hurricane heading towards me. As such, the Weasel Network, Weasel Radio, and Weasel Web Services may go offline if power is lost due to the weather. Just a warning..

08/31/08 03:30
  The power supply in the WEASEL-1 server decided to give up the ghost, so I had to build another one (too late to go buy a new one) but it appears to be working fine now.
  This is what happens when you try and run six hard drives and a P4 motherboard off of a 300W PSU! I think when I added that new drive, it was the beginning of the end for that PSU..
  Now there's yet another hard drive (seven drives now, totaling 1.5TB! yikes!) and it's running off of a 500W PSU, and everything seems to be running fine. I'll still keep my fingers crossed, though..

08/24/08 05:29
  I need to shut down WEASEL-1 (and subsequently, the virtual RADIO-1) in order to add another hard drive to the mix. Downtime should be pretty short, not more than 10 minutes or so..

08/12/08 22:20
  The moral of the story: Don't trust Microsoft products for mission-critical applications
  I realize there's 10,000 of you out there who are saying "I could've told you that!" but I was stuck using Windows in order to run the streaming software. Now I have it trapped within a Virtual Machine where it can't behave so crazily, kinda like those bad guys from Superman.. :)
  I'm still working on getting the e-mail set back up for my other managed domains. Weasel Mail users can find their e-mail here.

07/13/08 07:56
  Here goes the new website.. I'm still in the process of adding the normal features back in, such as the Contact page, the ShoutBox, and the non-AJAX version.. Basic requesting and such should be working properly now. I will have the whole thing fixed up soon enough; I just need the new site to be running in order to finish the back-end programming.

07/11/08 11:51
  Unfortunately, I had to remove the "ALL" page from the song listings because the number of songs is now large enough to where it seriously eats my server whenever the entire list page gets viewed..
  Also, don't forget about 7/11!! Go to your nearby 7-11 store and get some free stuff! :)

07/03/08 10:28
  I finally fixed the songs which keep showing up as "Invalid" requests..
  Also, the new website will be deployed here very soon. I just need to do a bit more debugging.. :)

11/29/07 18:14
  The domain MX records now point to GMail's SMTP servers, so ALL incoming mail at this point will be received and stored by GMail.
  If you have a account, you can login to the new interface here (
  I'm working on setting up each account individually since GMail doesn't seem to have that capability. This includes setting your password and user information to match at both ends, and also importing into GMail any mail stored on the Weasel Mail Server.
  You can still access the old WebMail interface using the login box on this page, but please be aware that you won't see ANY new e-mail since the 28th of November! Eventually, the login box will take you to the new WebMail interface, once everything is set up properly.
  I apologize for any inconvenience, but the Weasel Mail Server was malfunctioning and losing a lot of valid e-mails for some users, and this was the best (i.e., free!) solution I could find. ^_^

08/07/08 22:42
  The WEASEL-1 server primary hard drive crashed. I am currently repairing it and hope to be back online as soon as possible.
  **UPDATE 08/11/08**: I finally got it back up and running! After having to completely reintall the server (Linux now) and VMWare to run a virtual Windows machine for the monstrous streaming software.. Everything should be working normally now, except for the RealMedia stream, which I still need to re-setup.
  On the plus side, things on my end should be MUCH more stable now. :)

08/02/08 23:27
  I figured out that one of the 300GB drives in the server is having intermittent read errors, and is thusly causing the server to reboot itself, which is why the station will sometimes disappear temporarily while the website remains running. I'm working on fixing it. I need to locate a replacement hard drive.. :P

07/27/08 02:17
  Frustrated with the Weasel Gateway hardware continually failing, Adrian rebuilds the entire machine..
  Everything should be back online, as soon as I can figure out how to set up the internal network interface.

07/24/08 06:00
  The Weasel Gateway's network controller (which handles the external interface) failed, but luckily I was able to connect the cable modem to it again through the USB connection, which worked!
  Everything seems to be working normally now, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

07/17/08 22:29
  Hmm.. Weird database issues.. I'm going to move the databases to the Gateway server, since the WEASEL-1 db server decided to go crazy since I updated it to version 5.
  **UPDATE 07/18/08 07:05: It's migrated now. Whee! Everything appears to be working, and should also be more stable now.

06/19/08 11:30
  ARGH! I hate to say it, but last night I was updating some of the libraries on the gateway server, and I ran an update to libc6 and suddenly the system refused to let me spawn any new processes! I can't even log in anymore! Every process startup attempt results in "Segmentation fault" .. blargh, looks like I'm going to have to reinstall the base filesystem on the gateway and (hopefully not have to) set up all my Weasel stuff on it again.. I plan on working on it this evening, and I will need lots of coffee.
  While the gateway is being worked on, I will once again hook WEASEL-1 directly to the Internet, so services shouldn't be interrupted too much, besides the compulsory IP-address change and corresponding brief period..
  It is still running right now, and I daren't reboot the evil thing until I'm ready to work on it, since it won't start back up again when I do.
  Hopefully I'll get it all fixed tonight.

06/18/08 00:00
  The gateway is now rebuilt, and I plan on redeploying it to the network tonight sometime.. As a result, the IP address of will change temporarily (again) but maybe back to the old one if it's still cached @ the upstream DHCP server.. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it sure beats the server crashing like it's been doing.. :)
  ** UPDATE 06/18/08 07:30 **: The gateway is back in place now, and everything seems to be working properly.. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

06/15/08 11:00
  The Weasel Gateway machine went bananas this time, and took the WEASEL-1 connections with it. It is temporarily offline, and the Internet is connected directly to WEASEL-1 until I can fix the gateway server. Things may run a bit more slowly and/or less stable until then, but please bear with me. :)

06/13/08 16:26
  The database went bananas again, but it's fixed now, and requests should be working normally again. :)

04/29/08 21:39
  The main relay server was down since yesterday. It appears to be back up now, but with a different IP address. Apparently, my stream host provider switched servers or had some sort of problem, which they didn't see the need to notify me about. As soon as the new IP address propagates globally, the relay should be back online.

04/13/08 04:20
  I apologize for the intermittent outages lately, my router died so I had to build a gateway machine to handle the Weasel Network routing. Ultimately, I ended up moving the Helix Server, the IceCast server, and the SHOUTcast servers onto the gateway, which takes a reasonable amount processing load off of the WEASEL-1 server. I also have failover capability, as some of you might have seen the green "Gateway unable to connect" page when the server (or gateway's routing) is rebooted.
  Also.. I listen to Weasel Radio wherever I am, whether it's at work, home, or on my mobile phone.. And as such, I notice certain patterns in the music. Very repetitive patterns. It seems that certain individuals REALLY like to request a certain (limited) handful of songs.. Due to my ears bleeding (figuratively speaking, that is), I have no choice but to implement the following:
  • 30 minute limit between requesting songs by the same artist -- artist-blocks are sometimes cool, but all the time?! I've heard PLENTY of Sisters of Mercy, I'd be happy not hearing their entire catalog on WEASEL-1 again for at least a day or two.. :)
  • 12 hour limit between the same person requesting the same song. Sorry, but I am getting kinda tired of Living in a Box.. :-)
      I apologize for any inconvenience, folks. Maybe it's just me, and I should start listening to something else.. But you know how I love the Weasel Radio! :P
      To help relieve the aforementioned variety-related snafu, I've also been adding new songs. I will continue to add more, since I have lots to add. ^_^

    04/01/08 13:20
      I will be closing down this website in a few minutes in order to open an online pizza delivery service.

    03/19/08 14:52
      I created a nifty Python script for XBox Media Center which allows you to request songs on WEASEL-1, as well as view the currently playing song and the queue/last 10 requests.
      It's not bad at all, considering I've never even touched Python before this!
      You can download the script here (screenshots included).
      And as soon as they fix their website, I also plan to publish it on

    03/07/08 23:35
      After hours of troubleshooting the suddenly-crashed WEASEL-1 server, I finally determined that one of the two 1Gb RAM sticks went bad. Right now the server is running on half memory, but I am working on replacing it. If I can find a decent sale, I may be able to upgrade to 4Gb or more. I would also like to apologize for the downtime.

    03/04/08 12:18
      To Feder in Denmark: You have a good point. So from now on, the requests page will take you to a random letter instead of the '#' page. Also, that is actually not the reason why .38 Special is so popular.. Not long ago, there was a [group of] listener[s] from Minnesota named OZ (yes, some of you might remember quite well) who has/have a penchant for the .38 Special.. We would all hear "Little Sheba" several times each day..
      It was crazy.

    03/03/08 21:12
      R.I.P. Jeff Healey, singer of Angel Eyes.

    02/14/08 15:34
      I'm going to start being the mischievous weasel that I am, and start giving visitors my own silly nicknames for their locales. This will hopefully encourage more people to actually set their locale instead of leaving it as boring old "United States" or whatnot.. ;)

    01/06/08 04:35
      I'm working on a new HTML layout for the website. Something a LOT faster and more efficient, and with better cookie-based theme management, custom themes, etc.. It can be found at for now, and it is a work in progress.
      UPDATE 03/15/08 03:26: The new site is under development. The Active Weasel Framework (my AJAX implementation) and CSS/stylesheet stuff is in place. It even works and looks the same in Firefox :)

    01/06/08 04:20
      OK, I've set up the server successfully with a second power supply. Now the server itself is powered by a 500 watt ATX unit, while the storage drives are all powered by a separate 250 watt AT unit. Hooray for the clicky on/off switch; it saved me from having to wire up a jumper across any ATX-POWER_ON and ATX-GND lines! ;) Now, if I can track down a passthrough power cable, I can have the whole server controlled by the clicky on/off switch!
      Also, here is my proposal for the request limiting system:
          If queue < 25 :     5 requests per 5 minute period
          If queue = 25-49 :     4 requests per 5 minutes
          If queue = 50-99 :     3 requests per 5 minutes
          If queue = 100-150 :     2 requests per 5 minutes
          If queue > 150 :     1 request per 5 minutes
      How about it? It's not implemented yet, but will be at some point in the near future. It's not that I'm trying to be a request Nazi, but I need to safeguard the server's stability, since the random lockups and reboots can be quite annoying..
      **UPDATE (5 minutes later)**: OK, it's implemented now. It only took 5 minutes, so I figured I may as well do it. :)

    01/05/07 06:00
      Hmm.. every time the server crashes, the queue has more than 150 songs in it.
      My theory is that every time the song changes, the streaming software calculates the E.T.A. of each song in the queue.. I believe this is where it chokes up. I also believe that this is the reason the server sometimes pauses between songs, and may be why the crossfader sometimes fails to work, and also why the server locks up completely sometimes (which prompted me to install a remote reboot card!)
      I need to figure out a solution to this situation. I don't really want to lower the request limit, so I may end up implementing it on a per-user basis instead. Someone in NYC (you know who you are!) likes to request a zillion songs constantly, and that may be what's crashing the server.. A solution must be found which won't alienate anyone from listening/requesting.
      Most likely, I'll set it up to lower the per-5-minute request limit depending on how many requests you've placed in the past hour, or something similar.. This would apply to everybody, of course. If you can suggest a better solution, please contact me and I will definitely consider it! :)
      In other semi-related issues, I think the server's power supply is too weak to support the number of hard drives in the system, and is also responsible for causing the intermittent reboots. I will need to take down the server for a few minutes so I can wire in a second power supply. Hopefully it won't explode and kill the server. :) I just need to make sure to connect the ground between them so there's no possibility of transient voltage or floating ground across the server's metal chassis.

    12/30/07 23:10
      RELAY-1 is back online now. :)

    12/30/07 00:40
      Something is wrong with Weasel Relay One. This is the main server which provides the streaming to citizens of Second Life.
      I'm trying to get this resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, all other Weasel Relays and servers seem to be working normally. :P
      <--- You can use the 'Tune In!' column on the left to tune in or view the status of the various relays and servers.

    12/28/07 03:35
      Open Letter To Lorimar Pictures:
      To Whom It May Concern,
      Please bring back the Max Headroom TV series. It was cool.

    12/18/07 01:27
      Hmm, I finally found an affordable remote-reboot hardware solution. Now maybe I'll be able to restart my server if it locks up when I'm not at home to fix it!
      UPDATE 12/21/07 23:16: I received the ninja reboot card today. At some point this evening, I'll need to take down the server for about 10 minutes in order to install it.

    12/17/07 22:09
      It happens every time: no requests for hours, so I go in and queue up a bunch of stuff.. All of a sudden, you lazy devils start requesting stuff!! ^_^
      Not to worry, the only reason I queue up a bunch of stuff is to encourage you guys to start requesting too. ;)
      United Snakes, Weasel Liberation Front, Kevin Bacon, that's all me. :)

    11/30/07 09:49
      I've now heard this from several people, so I feel that I must point out that High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Crystalline Fructose are NOT the same thing, although one is derived from the other!

    11/26/07 22:21
      R.I.P. Kevin DuBrow - Lead singer of Quiet Riot - 1955-2007

    11/16/07 20:04
      I fixed the song search, it was failing to find results for anything containing an apostrophe, but it works now.
      I've also started adding links to particular artists, albums, and/or songs listed on Wikipedia; they're accessible from the "Song Info" window which opens up when you click the little blue "" icon next to a song.

    11/11/07 20:27
      I updated the song search widget to now include searches by year. Of course, the search only applies to the songs which exist in the info database (as of right now, a little bit more than half of the total songs)-- I'm still in the process of adding info to the remaining ones!

    11/10/07 04:20
      The WEASEL-1 server recently decided to start locking up intermittently. Not sure why, but it seems to be hardware related. I took the whole damned thing apart and put it back together, replaced the sound hardware, removed one network card, removed one IDE controller card, reassigned the hard drive configuration, set the hardware IRQs to manual, and now things seem to be running fine. We'll see.. If this doesn't work, I am planning to build a remote controlled power relay to reboot the server for me when it stops responding. Lately, I haven't even been able to log in remotely and fix it.
      The entire server just sits there and goes completely braindead, so remote-admin software isn't really an option.. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try writing one though.. ;)

    11/09/07 09:35
      Since I now have a full megabit of upload bandwidth, I raised the MP3/Pro and Vorbis stream bitrates to 48kbps (from 32kbps). I also raised the mobile stream bitrate to 32kbps (from 24kbps) -- there should now be a noticeable improvement in the audio quality. Hopefully this time my server won't burst into flames. ;)

    10/28/07 15:23
      My router decided it wants to start locking up at random.. It's my fault for buying cheap Linksys equipment.. I'll be replacing it in the next 24 hours, preferably one which can handle the traffic I put through it.

    10/26/07 17:19
      Hmm.. It's always fun to be woken up to the sound of a power transformer exploding somewhere in the distance, followed by my UPS systems suddenly going crazy and beeping madly.. Power is restored, and the server is back up and running now though. :)

    10/25/07 05:12
      Yay! The Weasel Relay #3 is back up again! Now even more listeners can connect.. ^_^
      Since adding so much new song info, I created a vignette player which displays information about the playing song (if available).. It can be found in the Tune In! links to the left.

    10/19/07 12:33
      Since I built a song info editor, I will be adding much more information for individual songs to the website. Also, if a song has info available, the Windows Media and RealAudio streams will now show it, including the album art. :)
      !!UPDATE!! 10/22/07 11:23: I've started adding song info en masse (depending on my spare time) but I'm not adding lyrics since they tend to be inaccurate or screwy, and take too long to fix and reformat. The new song infos are all marked, so I'll be able go back later and search for the ones which still need lyrics added.
      !!UPDATE!! 10/28/07 23:34: I migrated the song info into an actual database (rather than text files) so ultimately, we'll be able to search songs by year as well. w00t! :)

    10/15/2007 14:10
      Incidentally, I don't just listen to WEASEL-1 all the time! Here's my Last.FM page showing what's currently playing (on my XBox ;) )

    10/13/2007 20:11
    What's a guy to do when he's got the blues?
    Well.. He should feed them and hope
    they don't wreck his aquarium plants. :D
      **UPDATE 10/16/2007 01:23**: Nope. The cheeky devils still insist on floating all my plants! I wish they'd eat the duckweed which is growing in great abundance..

    10/06/2007 10:30
      I turned off the captioning on the Windows Media stream; now instead it carries a video channel showing the currently playing song. The stream is now 48 kilobits wide (including video) and still 44KHz, in stereo. ;)

    10/05/07 13:36
      If you have RealPlayer/RealOne installed on your computer (or mobile phone) I'd like to encourage you to check out the recently-improved RealMedia stream :)
      Now all the streams show the request/song title metadata one way or another. Not an easy feat to accomplish.

    10/02/07 08:57
      After extensive scripting experiments, I now have full title streaming support implemented on the WMA stream. If you have captions turned on in Windows Media Player, you'll be able to see the current song title and who requested it, if applicable. ^_^

    10/01/07 00:01
      Wow, I really like October. It's the one month where I can dress up like a pirate! Arrr!

    09/30/07 21:41
      Wow. 21.7 million pounds of beef recalled.. That's 10,850 tons, or 10.85 kilotons of beef. That's quite a potentially powerful bovine explosion.
      On a serious note though, I upgraded the streaming server earlier this evening. Now the WMA9 encoding is handled by the stream software itself, rather than by separate software (Windows Media Encoder, which was flaky at best..) The new streamer is more stable and the crossfading is working perfectly.

    09/28/07 03:44
      If you're willing and able, I encourage you to donate to or, at the very least, help to spread awareness of the deplorable human rights abuses happening there right now. Maybe someone will finally put an end to the worthless military junta government and let the people govern themselves..!

    09/24/07 19:03
      One of the funniest things I've ever seen can be found here. :D

    09/02/07 23:33
      I made a page to provide more information on using WEASEL-1 in Second Life. It can be found here.

    07/29/07 20:09
      Apparently another two database tables went crazy, and had to be rebuilt. One was responsible for logging the number of visitors to the site at any given time, and the other was responsible for the request management system. Both have been rebuilt and things should be working normally now. Thanks to Tanoosh for bringing the broken requester to my attention! ^_^

    07/01/07 03:33
      Finally fixed!! The server sure picked a great time to crash, while I'm in Borneo. The internet connections here are not so good, but I was finally able to get online (for RM1.50 per minute, ouch!! -- it works out to about USD$0.40/min..) and fix the damn thing.. The database decided to crash again, but I was able to recover it and things appear to be running normally once again. My apologies for the downtime.

    06/09/07 18:28
      I created another request interface which combines the search and request functions into one. It is linked on the Requests pages as "Micro Requester" and it works by entering the song name (or partial name) into the blank: if only one song is found then it is requested, but if more than one song is found it will return the list and let you choose which song to request. Very handy. ;)

    05/25/07 08:30
      Argh, my inept DNS provider's servers suddenly decided I was some kind of delinquent account, as you may have noticed.. In truth, there is no such situation!! My account is fully up-to-date, and I even paid extra yesterday in an attempt to fix the situation (to no avail..)
      I've switched DNS providers, ZoneEdit has dropped the ball way too many times and left me without domain service on more than one occasion. It is time to take my business elsewhere..

    05/04/07 18:46
      Grrrr. One of the server hard drives decided to fail.. Unfortunately, it was the one containing all of the WEASEL-1 songs. Luckily, I have a full backup of them on the recently decomissioned headless laptop! ;) But now I'm out 400 gigabytes of storage, not to mention the other 200-gigabyte server drive which is also failing.. :P

    05/04/07 03:25
      Finally, the server is back up, and everything seems to be running normally.. A very big thanks to twitchmonkey for providing me with some new hardware at 2:00 AM!

    05/01/07 23:12
      I've decommissioned the headless laptop which was running the station, as it was too flaky and tended to crash often. Now the main server is once again running it, so you'll notice the webpages load a tiny bit slower than usual, but the station should be more reliable now. As soon as I can get my hands on a low-powered-but-fast-and-physically-not-too-large machine, I'll move the station back over to take the load off of the server..

    05/01/07 13:20
      If you open the Now Playing widget (IE only, til I can figure out the Moz equivalent) it shows the remaining time count down (DHTML, yay) of the currently playing song.. Pretty nifty, if I might say so myself..

    04/27/07 00:02
      The database got corrupted for some strange reason, so I had to rebuild it. As a result, the song rotation algorithm has been reset, so it will probably start "randomly" playing all the songs in alphabetical order (beginning now)
      Update! 04/27 19:55 - I'm temporarily changing the request maximum to 5 songs per 5 minutes, just to add entropy to the rotation, otherwise this will become a vicious cycle of alphabetically-played songs, since the algorithm is based on the least recently played song.. So, please, request stuff! Just don't do it alphabetically! :D

    04/01/07 11:47
      I've implemented the multi song version random-play system. Right now, there are 5 different versions of Falco's Rock Me Amadeus, one of which will be chosen randomly whenever the song is requested. I'll add more versions of songs (album versions, extended mixes, etc.) as I find them. :)
      Update! 04/02 10:38 - If you enter multiples or versions into the song search box, you can see the list of songs which have multiple versions.

    03/30/07 05:37
      I changed the song-repeat limit to 2 hours (was set to 4 hours).. Now maybe you'll be luckier with the requests. ;)
      Also, I added 10 new songs, I'll add more here soon..

    03/29/07 01:33
      I'm in the process of setting up Google's GMail for Domains to handle webmail and POP/IMAP/SMTP for This is mainly because my spam filter is completely brainless, and GMail's servers have a lot more reliability, as far as uptime is concerned. I'm trying to make the transition as seamless as possible, and I will maintain the old webmail/SMTP system for a period of time until I'm 100% sure the transition was successful.

    03/09/07 07:23
      Wow, the RealAudio and Windows Media streams sound really good. For only 32kbps, I'm impressed. :)

    03/05/07 23:00
      The requester was broken, but now it is fixed. :)

    02/28/07 01:08
      The server is now moved to the new location, but my router (for no reason) decided to magically turn itself into a $70 plastic brick, so I had to temporarily reconfigure the network until I can fix or replace it. For this reason, requests weren't working, but they are working now. :)

    02/26/07 10:01
      I'm in the process of moving again, so there may be intermittent outages as I get the utilities switched over to the new place.

    02/21/07 20:24
      I received a 24-hour cutoff notice from the electric company, and due to my roommates who have no money, the power will most likely be turned off within the next 24-48 hours. This means will disappear from the internet, possibly for up to a few days. Not to worry, I am soon moving to another location where I won't have to rely on these people to pay their part.

    01/22/07 23:08
      The requester was broken, but now it's fixed! :P

    01/11/07 19:02
      R.I.P. Robert Anton Wilson
      1932 - 2007

    01/10/07 00:14
      It was recently brought to my attention that Cry Little Sister (from the Lost Boys soundtrack) is actually not written/performed by the Sisters of Mercy. I have renamed the song to reflect its true artist, Gerard McMann. My apologies for inadvertently promoting Internet misinformation, and a very big thank you to Withershins for bringing this to my attention!

    01/04/07 03:17
      The RealPlayer stream is broken, and has been for a while now.. I still need to fix it.
      ** UPDATE 01/14/2007 **: It's fixed now. :)

    12/19/06 08:20
      Apparently, the root nameservers (or my DNS provider) had some problems last night.. The radio server and website were both working fine but no DNS queries were being answered, and my domain simply disappeared from the network.., I did what I should have done a long time ago: I set up a backup DNS server. I apologize for the downtime, as it was my responsibility to ensure redundancy from the beginning. :P
      UPDATE!! (12/21/06 04:30): I've finally managed to get it working, after setting up three backup DNS servers! Hopefully it'll stay fixed now. The problems are due to a distributed denial-of-service attack on my DNS provider. (current status, still under attack even now!) Grrrrr..

    12/18/06 23:46
      I'm working on making this website W3C XHTML 1.0 Compliant. Apparently, there are 1,247 errors in this main page alone (as of this writing)! All these years, and I just now discover that HTML tags are supposed to be lowercase?! On the plus side, when this site is 100% compliant, it should look the same in all standards-adherent browsers! ;)

    12/03/06 00:53
      Webmasters, are you tired of being spammed by fake blogs (aka "splogs", or spam blogs) hosted at Blogger? Also tired of how obscure and hidden their splog-reporting page is? Well, look no further! I created a redirect, so you can now just go to and report the spammy blog(s) there! Very handy, indeed.

    10/10/06 10:00
      Bad weather caused some network problems with the two servers, but they should be fixed now. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    09/27/06 02:19
      NOTICE: This site is not affiliated with the one who calls himself "Weasel" on He is using an image from my site (I don't mind) and saying this is his home page, but really, it isn't. It's mine. And I'm not him. Please be aware of this. Thanks. :D

    08/17/06 21:02
      I'm building a roller skating rink in Second Life. Inspired by a local skating rink I grew up visiting, it is called Hot Wheels and is located at Sawrey/102/60.. The place is still under construction, but everyone in SL is still invited to check it out! I'll gladly take suggestions for improvements!:)

    08/16/04 18:00
      I've still got 200+ suggested songs to add to the station. I will be adding them whenever I have the spare time to do so.. ^_^

    08/11/06 01:12
      It happens every time: no requests for more than an hour, so I go and request up a nice queue of songs.. Suddenly, *BANG!* -- my songs are all bumped by a bunch of Cher and Wilson Phillips! Aaaaaaaarg!!! Thanks a lot, visitors! :P

    07/31/06 23:35
      Argh! Problems with the new router. Please bear with me as I try to fix it..

    07/30/06 08:35
      I've invented a new word: crocolith
           (n.) A crocodile-shaped rock, or a stone shaped like a crocodile.
      See also: crocolithic
           (adj.) Referring to, resembling, with regards to, or related to a crocodile-shaped stone.
      If we all start using it in our everyday jargon, it may someday actually become a real word!

    07/29/06 23:08
      I had some strange issues with the Weasel network, but they seem to be resolved now. Please let me know if you notice anything odd.

    07/19/06 09:23
      Yay! I've finally fixed the ridiculous PHP performance issues which seemed to plague my web server for no good reason. :) I should keep my fingers crossed...

    06/27/06 18:03
      I have an idea for WEASEL-1, and that is to add different versions of songs (Rock Me Amadeus is a good example) and when the song is requested, one of the different versions is randomly chosen, if available. This would only include different versions of the same song, not remixes or covers. I'm not implementing this yet, it is just an idea at this point.

    06/23/03 20:00
      *** Now broadcasting in MP3Pro! ***
      Ever wish WEASEL-1 sounded better?
      If you use Winamp 2 or Winamp 5 and don't already have MP3Pro, you should download the free MP3Pro Plugin for Winamp. It adds MP3Pro support to Winamp, thus making MP3Pro streams sound much better. If you don't believe me, go here and see for yourself!
      WEASEL-1 without MP3Pro: 32Kbps, 22KHz, Mono
      WEASEL-1 with MP3Pro: 32Kbps, 44KHz, Stereo!
      Unfortunately the browser-based Java player, RealOne, and WMP don't [yet?] support MP3Pro.. If you can't use MP3Pro or your player doesn't support it, you can still listen to the station normally. You just won't get the better quality sound unless you choose the Vorbis stream.;)

    06/11/06 04:04
      I must apologize if my spammer filter says you've been banned, I am still working out some of the bugs. I've fixed it now so it shouldn't ban any innocent users anymore.

    06/08/06 06:58
      Re-Request is now working!! (At least, as far as I can tell. No major errors.. yet!)
      So, this means that if you requested a song and never heard it because other people requested a lot of songs after you, simply request your song again and it'll go back to the front of the queue! Anyone can request a song in this fashion.
      Bob & the rest of OZ: It's supposed to work that way! If you request 3 non-queued songs, you still get your 3 requests. If you happen to pick an enqueued song and bump it up the queue, you still achieved the same effect as if you'd just freshly requested it non-enqueued! I'm not sure why you have a problem with the new system.. This way makes it much more likely that you'll be able to hear that one song you're just dying to listen to, but it subsequently got buried under a million other requests! And if I don't charge one request for it, people would inevitably abuse the system and end up completely mangling the queue (or worse, bullying other listeners with a bunch of crappy songs!) Just trying to keep all the bases covered.. ;)
      Now, the only time a song request won't go through is if the song was already played recently.
      Please leave me feedback if you notice anything strange happening with the request system. I appreciate all of the feedback I've received so far. Thanks for helping me beta-test the new system!

    06/06/06 22:03
      OK, the request limit is now handled by the webserver, rather than the streaming software. Now I just need to add the queue-bumping functionality, and re-requests will be working! :)
      Please leave me feedback if you notice anything acting strange as far as requests go..
      For a more detailed explanation, click here.

    06/04/06 19:45
      Can someone please identify this song for me? It's in Italian, and I have it in the list as "Opus - Life is Life", which it is not. It's a great song, but I can't identify it! I don't know enough Italian grammar/spelling to search it on Google (believe me, I tried!) ..
      While we're at it, there is another song I need to find/identify.. It is a late 80s dance club song, based on Paganini's "A Time For Us" (the Romeo & Juliet theme) but it has a dancy beat and it repeats the words, "Deep.. deep in love" -- Apparently this song is so rare that only a small handful of DJs even have it! When I first started asking, I was told that it was done by a group with a 3-letter acronym as a name. Recently, I asked a friend and he said he thought it was LaTour (but I doubt it is..) Seriously, I've spent the last 10 years of my life trying to find this song.
      If anyone can help me identify these songs, I'd be super-grateful! :) Please contact me here if you know the answer(s)!

    05/11/06 05:28
      I know I've said it before, but this time I mean it! I will add at least one song a day until this backlog of hundreds of songs is finally eliminated! :P

    04/28/06 19:00
      Aaaargh! Obnoxious chain e-mail!! If you are interested in forwarding the idiotic "Gas War" chain-spam, please read this before you inadvertently make yourself appear ignorant to your friends and colleagues!

    04/28/06 05:42
      The network problems are fixed (finally!) and the website should load a bit faster now. :)

    04/26/06 21:06
      Since yesterday, there has been a problem with the server's Internet connection. I am planning to fix it this evening. I suspect one of the ethernet switches has gone wonky. Until then, I apologize for the slow connection.

    04/21/06 20:38
      I have a plan to set up the request system so if a song is already in the queue and another person requests it, it gets bumped forward within the queue by one position.
      This will require some super-sneaky coding on my behalf, in order to make it still honor the 3-per-5 rule. This also means that if you requested your favorite song hours ago and never heard it, you can simply request it again to bump it up the queue.
      Note: This isn't working yet.

    02/19/06 01:23
      If you click the tiny green dot next to a song's name, you can buy the song at the resulting link. :)

    01/27/06 18:03
      I added Ogg Vorbis support, see the Tune In links to the left. I also added a web-based Ogg player, which sounds easily as good as the Winamp/MP3Pro stream, if not better. And what a bargain at only 34 kbits/sec! :D
      UPDATE 01/27/06 21:58: I added another Ogg Vorbis relay :) Also, I will be replacing relay-3 (SHOUTCast) with an Ogg relay (IceCast2) soon.:P Ogg just sounds better, and almost everything supports it.

    01/23/06 08:30
      Again, performance is greatly improved. Thank you, Coral CDN! Also, the relentless barrage of referrer and guestbook spamming is at a complete standstill, thanks to the real-time packet filtering blacklist I implemented.

    01/15/06 20:22
      Imagine how much more amazingly wonderful this website would be if I didn't have to fight the stupid spammers all the time!! :(!

    12/23/05 19:42
      Hello to everyone in Second Life! I'm there sometimes, in the Elbow Room (Mare 103,49,56) or The Shelter (Isabel 44,244,79) .. Come check it out! :)

    12/07/05 02:51
      I've joined a banner exchange in order to get more exposure..
      I really hate pop-ups, so if anyone notices any pop-ups since I did this, please let me know!
      ..but please try and make sure your computer isn't infected with popup-spewing spyware before telling me.;)

    12/02/05 04:28
      C'mon, you're joking, right? Metallica - Enter Sandman?! System of a Down?? Sublime? DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!! Please exercise rational thought when suggesting new songs to add. :P

    11/08/05 22:00
      this is a test! please ignore it! :)

    10/31/05 07:19
      Still need to add a lot of songs.. I haven't forgotten the hundreds of suggestions, it just takes time for me to verify and find the songs.. :P

    10/31/05 21:00
      Grrr... Stupid weather-related power outages.. I need to buy a new UPS for the server.. :(!

    10/16/05 22:31
      Fixed the modem problem. :) Now I just need to get a new notebook computer (mine finally died of old age-- the thing is physically breaking apart!) because I have most of my adding-songs-to-the-station software on it..

    09/23/05 06:45
      Have you ever noticed how sometimes this site will disappear offline for 30 seconds, and then come back? I figured out that it is due to a faulty modem, and I will be replacing it sometime today..
      UPDATE 10/13/05: The dropouts are still occurring, on account of the fact that I haven't had time to take the cable modem in yet.. :P I'll try to do it today (unfortunately it will result in 15-30 minutes of downtime)
      Also, lots of songs to be added soon! I've been so busy with work lately, but now I finally have some spare time!

    09/04/05 03:00
      My cable provider has been working on the same utility poles for the past 4 months, and I've had intermittent outages as a result! Grrrr..
      I'm moving again in the coming weeks, hopefully to a less outage-prone (and faster) segment of the wide-area network. w00t!

    08/05/05 15:30
      What the @#@!#$ is wrong with these people?!?!
      Apparently, some brilliant politician in NJ is lobbying to outlaw smoking in one's OWN CAR!! The story can be found here.
      Also, a fun gummi candy has been discontinued, thanks to the equally-brilliant New Jersey SPCA. This story can be found here.
      Thanks for nothing, guys! Don't you just love it when someone's narrow-minded agenda gets forced upon everyone else? If they spent half their energy on feeding homeless people or cleaning oil spills, maybe we'd get somewhere..:)
      I think I'm gonna buy lots of these candies and sell 'em on eBay with a link to the article.. ;)

    07/18/05 00:01
      Server is back up again.. As expected, it was a crazy ordeal getting the OS to recognize all the new hardware without losing any of the installed software.. Things should run much faster now. :)

    06/16/05 04:17
      If you right-click on the 'now playing' or 'last 10 requests' pages, they will now reload. Thanks to Carl in Arizona for the great suggestion!
      Also, I'm considering making the custom-locale feature cookie-based instead of IP-address-based.. It would work better in that case..

    07/17/05 01:46
      The new server parts are in. I'l work on it sometime tonight, so the site will be down for maybe an hour. Hopefully not too long, but computers are evil..

    07/11/05 06:00
      It is a well-known fact to engineers and manufacturers worldwide that all electronic devices are powered by the magic smoke trapped inside. When such magic smoke escapes, the device ceases to function. This is what happened to the server's motherboard last night. With an unmistakable burning smell, the magic smoke escaped, never to be seen again..
      I've replaced the server's innards with a temporary motherboard, until I get a chance to buy a new one (I'll probably upgrade it to a faster clock speed..)
      My apologies for the downtime. Believe me, it's more frustrating for me than it is for you. ;)
      NOTE: The server will experience a few more reboots tonight, as I must run a ridiculous amount of updates on it since reinstalling..

    06/21/05 16:00
      Happy birthday to Cyndi Lauper!

    06/21/05 07:26
      Argh.. requesting for Björk is semi-working now, but Queensr˙che is broken.. I'm working on it.. :P
      UPDATE! 06/21/05 07:31
      Mecha Shiva! Mecha Shiva!

    06/17/05 22:04
      A stupid little haiku I just wrote:
        Internet is down..
        Hopefully it comes back soon.
        Reading this? It's fixed!
      UPDATE! 06/18/05 02:19
      It was this guy's fault:

    06/06/05 05:47
      Hard drive still broken. Request script fixed, it kept breaking so I changed the port number and it seems to be working OK now :)

    06/05/05 01:31
      Arrrrrgh! One of the server hard drives went bad.. The good news is that it's not one the website/radio depends on. The bad news is that it's one of the 200gb drives.. :( The server may go down intermittently (or be offline for hours, possibly) while I try and recover it.

    05/29/05 08:13
      My apologies for the unexpected reboots tonight. I just discovered what was causing them: tonight there was a thunderstorm, and my cat is afraid of the thunder, and whenever he goes to hide under my bed he rubs against the reset button on the server and causes it to reboot. Crazy cat!!
      I should probably also get a new UPS.. The same storm just caused several brown-outs which also rebooted the server. :P

    05/28/05 04:43
      Coming soon: 70 more listener slots :)

    05/19/05 01:28
      I set up a RealAudio stream for mobile weasel listening! (mainly for my own personal use, but anyone is welcome to listen.) The quality is a bit low, but it's intended for listening to on a mobile phone :)
      Listening to this stream with a PC is not recommended, as the other stream sounds a whole lot better. ;)

    05/13/05 05:06
      w00t! Friday the 13th! How delightfully evil..

    05/04/05 15:36
      Tired of seeing the same old "United States" "United Kingdom" "Swaziland" etc., when visiting this site? You can change it now, by clicking on the locale above (the "Welcome, visitor #123456 from Xyzxyz Xyzxyz") ..It's how I got mine to say "United Snakes" ;)
      Please, no spamming/advertising; I will find out, and offenders will be blacklisted! :P
      UPDATE 05/07/05 05:43: I fixed the apostrophe (') bug :D

    04/26/05 03:07
      I'm thinking of adding 30 more listener slots to the station.. I can get such wonderful things at for the low price of $11.99 per month! Right now, I get 10 listener slots at StreamGuys for $13.30 per month!! It would be brainless of me to keep the service I'm using now.. :P
      More listener slots = groovy, but it also means more competition with the request system if there are more listeners.. It's a tough decision..

    04/26/05 02:27
      OK, more people hated the shuffle than liked it, so I have removed it. Things will return to normal once all the shuffled songs have been played..
      I've posted a list of all the feedback I received about the shuffle.... here!

    04/25/05 00:58
      Neil in the UK brought up a very good point: if a song you want to hear is at the end of a long queue of songs, you cannot request it until long after it finally gets played.
      I've figured out how to set it so if there are more than 10 songs in the queue, the whole queue will be shuffled whenever the next request is placed. Hopefully this will help increase the chances of hearing that one song you might have requested hours ago..
      Again, if you have any comments or questions (or if I broke something but don't know it yet) please leave me some feedback. (Hopefully the feedback script won't go crazy this time! It should be fixed now.)

    04/14/05 19:57
      I'm not sure what was wrong with the server last night, but it seems to have fixed itself (I tried for a few hours last night to remote in and reboot it, but had no luck -- I was camping at the lake, 50 miles away..) It may have something to do with website spammers. I received several Web Feedbacks last night from various spammers trying to send me their worthless online poker advertisements..

    04/13/05 09:29
      I fixed Ricky's Hand.. Also, I forgot to subtract an hour for DST in the times in all the previous news entries, so uhmm, they're actually UTC+1 if they happen to fall in the DST date range.. Heh. Sorry about that. :P

    04/13/05 06:49
      You're kidding about The Donnas, right? They rock, but they debuted in 2002!! I'm sorry, but music that recent would be out of place on this station.. To add The Donnas would be to deviate from the retro-ness of the Retro Request Line.. If you really want to hear them, you should listen to an alternative or modern hits station :) At the other end of the spectrum, Sonny & Cher is a bit too old! That's what classic rock and oldies stations are for..:P
      I do appreciate all of your suggestions, and those which fit have been added (or will be soon!) :) Thank you to all who have suggested many great songs!

    04/10/05 14:49
      OK, all you Star Trekkin' fans.. I found this crazy video:
      WARNING: It is a crazy video!! Also, apparently, there are lots of places to download this evil song for free! :D

    04/06/05 14:42
      Hee hee!! :D:D:D While going through song suggestions, this one made me laugh.. Luckily, this song is in the secret "never-play-randomly" list, so it will only be played if someone requests it. But, I must agree: this song sometimes hurts my ears too.
        Subject: NEW SONG SUGGESTION
        Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 07:27:20 -0600
        To: suggestion(at)
        The Firm - Star Trekkin
        Comments: please remove, please
        IP: 68.x.x.x

    04/01/05 11:39
      OK, I switched it back to "last-in-first-out" mode.. I believe this way is better. Imagine this scenario: Listener X requests 3 hours worth of songs while listening one day.. Listener Y comes along and requests her favorite song.. It would be hours before she heard her song.. And poor Listener Z, his requests wouldn't play for even longer! This way, if you don't hear your favorite song within a reasonable amount of time (if someone else is requesting a lot of songs) then you have an equal chance of hearing your requests by requesting more songs.;)

    04/01/05 03:16
      I've changed the request system temporarily to "first-in-first-out" mode to see if it works better this way.. Please leave me feedback if you have any comments.:)
      If I can figure out how, I may just end up making the playlist shuffle itself whenever a song is requested and the request queue has more than 10 songs in it.. See feedback link above if you think this is a good/dumb idea.
      Also, loads of new songs to be added.. I'm trying to set a goal for myself, to add at least one new song per day.. If so, then I have almost enough suggested songs to last a whole year!

    03/20/05 16:36
      The web-based player now gives you two choices: FreedomAudio or Windows Media Player.. Unfortunately, neither of them yet support MP3Pro..:P

    03/18/05 11:34
      If you're a fan of the crazy game Katamari Damacy, you might be interested in a couple of files with which you can customize your mobile phone (if your phone supports it..) Just use your phone's web browser and go to and

    03/14/05 09:17
      Ace of Base requests are fixed now. Thanks Katie in the UK, for letting me know they were broken! I updated the entire playlist, so all the songs should work now..

    03/05/05 23:57
      The request system places the most recent requests at the TOP of the playlist.
      Last night, the requester got backlogged by 80+ songs.. This means that the people who placed the earliest requests didn't get to hear them for several hours! Right now, it's set up to limit requests to 3 songs every 5 minutes.. I've changed it to 6 minutes, in the hopes that the request playlist will have more of a chance to play its contents before new requests are added. I may end up raising the time limit even further (3 songs every 10 minutes, perhaps..)
      If I change it so requests are placed at the bottom of the list, then the recent requests won't be played until after the older ones.. The top-of-list method allows for a greater chance of hearing your requests shortly after placing them, and makes it a little bit more competitive / active in real-time.
      I may also be able to implement the "Wait x minutes before placing the request in queue" option.
      Please leave me some feedback if you can think of a better solution..:)

    02/28/05 21:49
      The requester was broken, but now it's fixed.. My apologies, I inadvertently broke one thing trying to fix another..:P Thanks for letting me know about it!

    02/25/05 07:57
      The station broadcasting software is now updated. I managed to plug it in without dropping any listeners (12 at the time).. As far as I know, everything works normally..
      Please contact me if you notice anything not working properly, or if you get any strange responses from the server.:)

    02/25/05 01:24
      The world is full of crazy things! Here is a good example.

    02/24/05 03:09
      In lieu of a complete About page, here's a link to my MySpace profile: One of these days, I'll finish my About page..

    02/24/05 22:41
      I'm planning to upgrade the stream server software, but it will be a little while (I still need to figure out how to plug it into the website; I've gotten the requester working, but I still need to redesign the requester script and HTML input/output for the website..)
      Once it's been upgraded, I'll finally have a WORKING crossfader, and the station should be more stable and less likely to play repeats, etc..

    02/24/05 03:09
      Still working on adding new songs (and replacing the songs which have problems- there are a few in the list..)

    01/30/05 23:07
      Coming soon! User-customizable color themes.. Also, a massive campaign to add more song variety to the station. I seem to have misplaced my employment, so I have more free time to work on the site.;)

    01/22/05 02:56
      The mini requester now works in FireFox/Mozilla.. There's a strange JavaScript quirk with non-M$IE browsers (ie: good little WC3 DOM2-compliant browsers) and forms, selects, and the selectedIndex property..
      Not that anyone cares, but I fixed it by addressing the parent form as "document.forms[0]" instead of "document.RequestForm".. Very odd. Now I just need to fix the 300-second countdown timer..:D

    01/17/04 13:10
      OK, no more crossfader. Too many problems; I'm convinced that a working crossfader doesn't exist. I promise I won't mess around with it anymore!:)

    01/14/04 10:49
      There was a problem with some of the request counts for the songs with odd characters in their names (like AC/DC, .38 Special, 'Til Tuesday, etc..) and those counts were wiped out.. I fixed it, and I also tried to find a cache of my site from a month ago so I could restore their request counts, but to no avail.. Unfortunately, it looks like these songs will have to start from zero again..
      I also fixed the broken request script, and the crossfader (amazingly) seems to be working with no problems.. My server is full of ghosts. Or goats. Maybe both..
      UPDATE 01/17/04: I restored the request counts.. I forgot that I had records in the Weasel Database.

    01/12/04 14:46
      The request script was not working for some reason, but it should be working now.. Still trying to

    01/10/04 06:30
      Wow.. The crossfader finally works, after 5 years of unsuccessful attempts.. Strange.
      UPDATE (01/11/04 21:30): No, I was wrong. still glitchy. No more crossfader..
      UPDATE (01/12/04 13:50): I take that back. I found a better crossfader, and it works 100%. Now I just need to adjust the settings..
      Looks like I was wrong about being wrong the first time. Who says two wrongs don't make a right?

    12/12/04 17:53
      Hmm.. The guestbook was broken, but now it is fixed.

    12/07/04 18:25
      Sometimes my server goes insane. You'll know it's happening when you try to visit this site and are instead greeted by the "500 Internal Server Error" message.. This problem requires me to reboot the server every 4-5 days to correct it.. How obnoxious! I think it may be some bad RAM..

    11/07/04 10:32
      My station promos disappeared from the broadcasting software. Strange. It happens sometimes.. They are back now.

    10/20/04 14:31
      One of the server hard drives is having problems. The server may experience some intermittent downtime in the next couple of days, as I swap drives in and out (and copy half a terabyte of data between them all).. I apologize for the inconvenience it will undoubtedly cause.

    09/30/04 03:39
      If you're a regular listener or visitor, I encourage you to visit the forums and leave some feedback.. Registration is not required.

    09/08/04 12:00
      Spammers are worthless evil people! Recently, a spammer started hitting my website's "Last 10 Referers" feature, and filling it with forged evil website links. According to Google, this particular spammer is a plague upon many other websites, but I took care of the annoying little problem.;) You can read the full story here.

    05/22/04 03:54
      NEW! I added a search engine to the requests page. Currently, it only searches by song & artist name. Eventually, it will also search the lyrics (if available)..

    05/03/04 02:12
      Thank you to Maria for the great new Weasel logos!

    08/06/04 14:23
      Problems with my Internet router.. The site is experiencing intermittent disconnections, but it should be fixed hopefully on Monday (08/09).
      UPDATE (Monday 08/09): Not fixed. They will send someone again on Thursday (08/12)..
      UPDATE (Thursday 08/12): STILL not fixed!! They're sending someone out AGAIN on Monday (08/16). This will be the fourth technician visit.. I'm beginning to think it's the electricity..
      UPDATE (Monday 08/16): After 3 router replacements,I think it is finally fixed.. I will keep my fingers crossed..

    07/18/04 08:42
      I repaired the mini-requester.. It was missing about 300 songs for some odd reason.. Fixed now!

    07/10/04 06:00
    In memory of DKT, 1979-2004

    If you drive a car: Watch out for motorcyclists!
    If you ride a motorcycle: Please be careful!

    06/21/04 08:51
      106 new songs to be added soon..;)

    05/01/04 15:41
      I redesigned the request database to be SQL driven, so pages should load faster now.. I still need to finish a couple of other minor details, but it's otherwise finished..

    04/28/04 03:15
      Still adding more songs..

    04/15/04 12:11
      New themes! Flower, designed by my sister.:)
      Also, check out Stars, Static, Swirly, Jigsaw, Fairway, and Teal..

    04/09/04 13:15
      NEW! I added a forum so visitors and listeners can leave feedback. If you have any questions or comments about this site and/or the station, please visit and leave a comment! Registration is encouraged, but not required.

    04/09/04 10:40
      NEW! 18Kbps stream for modem listeners.. Unfortunately, I only have the bandwidth to support a few listeners. See the Listen links to the left.. It is STRONGLY recommended that you use an MP3Pro capable player to listen to this stream, otherwise it sounds pretty wonky.

    04/04/04 04:04 ^_^
      I just added 57 songs to the playlist, and there are still many more to be added!!

    03/11/04 04:01
      The website loads faster now! I also fixed the WebMail "new user" function. It's not annoying anymore. Also, I'm currently adding the ~30 new songs which have been suggested..

    03/17/04 24:46
      Here's an ever-changing list of spammers and domains blocked by

    02/17/04 12:33
      Hoorah buddy! NO MORE SPAM!! I installed a new spam filter and it is by far the best one I have ever tried. It's FREE, written in Perl, it functions as a proxy to the SMTP server, and can even run as a service under WinXP/NT! If you run a mail server and suffer from tons of spam, I would definitely recommend this filter. E-mail sure is better without all the crap!
      To those who have maliciously signed me up for spam (you know who you are): all I can say is "nyaah nyaah! bring it, hoseheads!"

    01/25/04 18:57
      I am in learning how to program databases in SQL for my employer. As a result, I will be migrating the site databases from the slow and kludgy text-file format they are currently in (yeah, laugh it up. I will be running with lightning speed, very soon!) into an SQL database. This will allow for significantly faster page loads in the end.

    12/22/03 21:22
      E-mail user Dani, please e-mail me so I can help you get your e-mail account set back up. Please include your full name so I know it's you. For some strange reason, it deleted your account again (because of inactivity).. I now have it set up so it will no longer check your account for inactivity, and again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Your address book and everything is still intact, but I don't know your password so I couldn't set it for you.:)

    12/18/03 18:45
      The net is full of scumbags. Watch out for them.

    12/10/03 08:39
      I added almost 50 more songs. Thank you to everyone who has suggested songs to add to the station.:)

    11/25/03 12:50
      Some filthy Nigerian mugu decided to use my mail server to send out their 419 scams. Luckily, my server is set up to deliver outbound mail at a SLOW trickle, so I caught them in the act and put an end to their nefarious deeds. Unfortunately, they managed to send out about 160 e-mails (maybe more), most of which were promptly bounced back. Perhaps their ancestors were goats. I apologize to whoever may have received spam from my server, it has been taken care of.

    11/18/03 09:50
      Hey, whoever keeps requesting ONLY the top 3 songs, cut it out! Or at least LISTEN when you do it. Quit artificially skewing the top 40! Every time I catch you doing it, I will remove the requests from the top 40 statistics. Your songs will still play, but what's the point if you're not even listening? *poke poke*

    09/26/03 14:30
      Hmmmm.. I got the WebChat area working again.

    09/30/03 13:36
      Hrm. The Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love is from 1977. But seeing as it's such a popular request, I will leave it in the song list. You sneaky varmints got one past me.. I'm sure there are a few others which don't fit the 1978-1993 criterion. And mid-early-60s is out of the question, mr/ms Red Rubber Ball! (Great song though!) .. I am trying to keep WEASEL-1 from becoming a "Classic Rock" station, because it isn't one..:)
      Ever tried visiting this website using a PocketPC?

    08/30/03 09:45
      Okay, so it took a bit more than 15 hours. Server is finally fixed, patched, and running 100%. I discovered MSBLAST.D on my roommates' computers on the network. Evil. I apologize for the down time.

    08/26/03 07:30
      ARRRR!!! My server got infiltrated by the MSBLAST.D worm. After more than 15 hours of removal attempts (and getting subsequently re-infected TWICE while removing the first infection!!), I ended up reinstalling the operating system. Grrrrr...

    07/20/03 03:07
      I'll be working on a new request system, so rather than have the broadcast program do it, the website will handle it instead. This will allow more flexibility in the request policy, so listeners behind NAT firewalls will be able to make more than just 3 requests every 5 minutes. It'll take me a while, since I'm still working on other peoples' projects right now..

    07/15/03 06:43
      I apologize for the downtime over the past 22 hours. The server crashed, and in the end I had to reinstall FIVE times before it would work, sleeping only 3 of the past 48 hours.. Argh. Everything's back up and running now. Zzzzzzzz...

    06/22/03 14:30
      I will start updating song info entries sometime soon, whenever I get around to it..

    06/20/03 14:00
      Thanks to Michelle in Colorado (I think) for letting me know the browser-based Java player was broken. It works now.:)

    06/20/03 07:45
      Just added 29 songs, by Tears for Fears, Brian Ferry/Roxy Music, Matthew Good Band, John Farnham, Kylie Minogue, Echo & The Bunnymen, and more.. Thank you to the listeners who suggested these songs. Without a doubt, you are all improving this station's variety.

    06/17/03 12:56
      Hey, to the Verizon DSL subscriber in LA: Thank you for letting me know about that, I fixed it:) The net needs more people like you. I once did the same thing, found a bunch of open NBT shares belonging to Computer Moms, Inc. so I looked up their number in the phone book and called them up and told them how to fix it, which they did. We need more WH/GH and less script kiddies.. Thanks again.
      To the Aussie listeners: I'll add your suggested songs soon. Been a little busy lately.. Say hello to my cousin Aileen in Melbourne for me:)
      I seem to be addicted to wasabi peas.

    06/08/03 17:25
      For accuracy's sake, I reset the entire request and Top 40 counters.

    06/08/03 11:00
      I just added about 60 more retro dance/club songs to the playlist..

    06/03/03 03:05
      Okay, so I got the color themes working. I'll be adding more themes as I design them.. Also, the Guestbook is working again, so is the Top 40.
      Coming soon: request log, see who requested that song that one time..

    06/02/03 12:19
      The new site is now online. I set up the contact page so visitors like you can let me know if they like it (or think it sucks!) .. If the color scheme looks odd to you-- don't worry, I'm planning to make the colors configurable. It may take me a while to get around to it though, as I am busy with work-related stuff..
      Also, the four known broken songs are now fixed:
       - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - A Nightmare on My Street
       - Berlin - Metro
       - Rik Ocasek - Emotion in Motion
       - Milli Vanilli - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
      If you happen to hear any more broken songs, please let me know!
      And as always, any songs I don't have but should, let me know!

    06/01/03 07:35
      I'm redesigning the entire site, mostly due to the strange and cryptic nature of the old design. (See also the article below..)
      Some features will be unavailable as I put them back online one by one..
      You may also notice that some songs get cut off while playing, usually in the same place regardless of when you're listening to it. I've tracked it down to some sort of data errors when I was copying the entire server to a new hard drive, and I am working on replacing the broken songs (I've found four so far..)

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