Weasel Radio Second Life Interface


 Second Life is a registered trademark of Linden Labs.
 Weasel Systems is not affiliated with Linden Labs or Second Life in any way.

Stream Usage:

It is recommended to use the Ogg Vorbis (RELAY-4) stream, as it sounds better than the SHOUTcast streams.
Additionally, Second Life has built-in support for the Ogg Vorbis audio format, via FMOD.

If you use http://weasel.net as the stream url, it will automatically detect and redirect clients to the Ogg Vorbis stream.

SHOUTcast, 32Kbps:
  WEASEL-1 Relay Server 1:    Maximum 70 listeners
  WEASEL-1 Relay Server 1:    http://relay-1.weasel.net:7060
  WEASEL-1 Relay Server 1:

Automatic Locale Setting:

Use ?llAvatar=<avatar name>> to set the user's nickname. This is the name which will show up as the requester when a requested song is played. (see below)

Song Requesting:

It is not recommended to place requests using server-side LSL scripting. Due to the way the Weasel Radio server handles requesting, all requests done through the LSL servers would be throttled, regardless of how many users are placing requests, since they all pass through the same limited set of Linden IP addresses. Individual users should each place requests via their own unique IP addresses, therefore the preferred method using an externally launched web browser is encouraged.

Song Request URL:

If you pass the avatar name via the above URL, it will show any subsequent requests as having been placed by the avatar name (ie. it will automatically set the locale.)
Here's an example, using Joe Smith:

Song Request URL:

Song Info API Syntax:

Song search by string:

Currently playing song + who requested it:

Current song time remaining (in seconds):

List of songs in the queue:

Number of songs in the queue:

This script's version:

NOTE: There is a 5-second throttle on HTTP requests to this script. It is encouraged to use the Song Time Remaining function to time your script's attempts at accessing this API. Attempts to connect more than once every 5 seconds will result in an HTTP 503 retry response from the server. This is only to avoid HTTP server overhead and log spam on my end. As far as I know, Linden's servers do honor HTTP 503 responses.   ^_^