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Artist Title Req # Info
Aerosmith Angel   642 Permanent Vacation (1987)
Aerosmith Dude (Looks Like a Lady)   618 Permanent Vacation (1987)
Aerosmith Janie's Got a Gun   553 Pump (1989)
Aerosmith Livin' on the Edge   420 Get A Grip (1993)
Aerosmith Love in an Elevator   560 Pump (1989)
Aerosmith Rag Doll   342 Permanent Vacation (1987)
Aerosmith Sweet Emotion   346 No image available
Aerosmith Walk This Way   494 Toys in the Attic (1975)
Aerosmith What It Takes   162 Pump (1989)
Run DMC & Aerosmith Walk This Way   281 Raising Hell (1986)

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