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Artist Title Req # Info
Oak Ridge Boys Elvira   376 Fancy Free (1981)
The Ocean Blue Between Something and Nothing   154 The Ocean Blue (1989)
OFF Electrica Salsa   111 Electrica Salsa (1987)
Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party   779 Dead Man's Party (1985)
Oingo Boingo Dream Somehow   17 Dark at the End of the Tunnel (1990)
Oingo Boingo Elevator Man   30 BOI-NGO (1987)
Oingo Boingo Forbidden Zone   100 Forbidden Zone Soundtrack (1980)
Oingo Boingo Goodbye, Goodbye   106 Fast Times At Ridgemont High Soundtrack (1982)
Oingo Boingo Grey Matter   52 Nothing To Fear (1982)
Oingo Boingo Is This   27 No image available
Oingo Boingo It Only Makes Me Laugh   108 Boingo Alive (1988)
Oingo Boingo Just Another Day   156 Dead Man's Party (1985)
Oingo Boingo Little Girls   181 Only A Lad (1981)
Oingo Boingo Lost Like This   40 Boingo (1994)
Oingo Boingo Mary   32 Boingo (1994)
Oingo Boingo Not My Slave   203 BOI-NGO (1987)
Oingo Boingo Only a Lad   78 Oingo Boingo (EP) (1980)
Oingo Boingo Spider   20 Boingo (1994)
Oingo Boingo Stay   90 Dead Man's Party (1985)
Oingo Boingo Sweat   32 Good For Your Soul (1983)
Oingo Boingo Try to Believe   65 No image available
Oingo Boingo Violent Love   112 Oingo Boingo (EP) (1980)
Oingo Boingo Wake Up (It's 1984)   54 Good For Your Soul (1983)
Oingo Boingo War Again   17 Boingo (1994)
Oingo Boingo Weird Science   467 Dead Man's Party (1985)
Oingo Boingo Wild Sex (In the Working Class)   178 Nothing To Fear (1982)
Olivia Newton-John Heart Attack   156 Olivia's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (1982)
Olivia Newton-John Magic   198 Xanadu Soundtrack (1980)
Olivia Newton-John Physical   220 Physical (1981)
Olivia Newton-John Twist of Fate   155 Two of a Kind Soundtrack (1983)
Olivia Newton-John Xanadu   402 Xanadu Soundtrack (1980)
Ollie & Jerry Breakin'... There's No Stoppin' Us   334 Breakin' Soundtrack (1984)
Ollie & Jerry Showdown   281 Breakin' Soundtrack (1984)
OMC How Bizarre   205 How Bizarre (1996)
OMD Call My Name   46 Sugar Tax (1991)
OMD Dreaming   106 The Best of OMD (1988)
OMD Electricity   110 No image available
OMD Enola Gay   279 No image available
OMD If You Leave   400 Pretty In Pink Soundtrack (1986)
OMD Maid of Orleans   98 No image available
OMD So in Love   88 Crush (1985)
OMD Was It Something I Said   63 Sugar Tax (1991)
One Dove White Love   66 Morning Dove White (1993)
One to One Angel in My Pocket   101 No image available
One Two Dance All Days   17 No image available
On TV Holiday Love Affair   10 No image available
Opus Live is Life   101 Live is Life (1985)
Orange Juice Rip It Up   77 Rip It Up (1982)
Oran Juice Jones The Rain   18 No image available
The Orb Little Fluffy Clouds   425 The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (1990)
Orbital Chime   151 No image available
Orion the Hunter So You Ran   50 The Hunter (1984)
The Other Ones Holiday   95 The Other Ones (1987)
Ottawan Disco   30 No image available
The Outfield All the Love in the World   110 No image available
The Outfield Say It Isn't So   151 Play Deep (1985)
The Outfield Since You've Been Gone   131 Bangin' (1987)
The Outfield Voices of Babylon   87 Voices of Babylon (1989)
The Outfield Your Love   438 Play Deep (1985)
Owen Paul Just Another Day   19 No image available
Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train   1280 Blizzard of Ozz (1980)
Ozzy Osbourne Mama, I'm Coming Home   376 No More Tears (1991)
Ozzy Osbourne Mr. Tinkertrain   49 No More Tears (1991)
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears   210 No More Tears (1991)
Ozzy Osbourne Road to Nowhere   83 No More Tears (1991)
Ozzy Osbourne Shot in the Dark   216 The Ultimate Sin (1986)

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