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Artist Title Req # Info
Iam Siam She Went Pop   9 She Went Pop (1984)
Ian Dury & the Blockheads Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick   195 Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (1978)
Icehouse Angel Street   40 Measure For Measure (1986)
Icehouse Crazy   199 Man Of Colours (1987)
Icehouse Cross the Border   50 Measure For Measure (1986)
Icehouse Electric Blue   401 Man Of Colours (1987)
Icehouse Great Southern Land   577 Primitive Man (1982)
Icehouse Man of Colours   43 Man Of Colours (1987)
Icehouse My Obsession   65 Man Of Colours (1987)
Icehouse No Promises   62 Measure For Measure (1986)
Icehouse We Can Get Together   50 Icehouse (1981)
Ice T Reckless   70 No image available
The Icicle Works Love is a Wonderful Colour   43 The Icicle Works (1984)
The Icicle Works Understanding Jane   22 If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song (1986)
The Icicle Works Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)   395 The Icicle Works (1984)
Iggy Pop Bang Bang   118 No image available
Iggy Pop Candy   388 Brick By Brick (1990)
Iggy Pop Lust for Life   315 Lust For Life (1977)
Iggy Pop Real Wild Child (Wild One)   251 Blah Blah Blah (1986)
Image Hot Stuff   10 No image available
Images in Vogue Anxiety Reaction   10 No image available
Images in Vogue Rescue Me   33 No image available
Imagination Body Talk   20 No image available
Imagination Just an Illusion   225 In The Heat of The Night (1982)
Indeep Last Night a DJ Saved My Life   92 Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (1982)
Indigo Girls Closer to Fine   341 Indigo Girls (1989)
Information Society Attitude   39 Information Society (1988)
Information Society Something in the Air   53 Information Society (1988)
Information Society What's on Your Mind   349 No image available
The Inmates Dirty Water   15 No image available
Inner City Big Fun   58 Paradise (1989)
Inner City Good Life   137 Paradise (1989)
Inspiral Carpets Two Worlds Collide   170 No image available
Intaferon Get Out of London   16 Get Out of London (Single) (1983)
Interface Plastic Age   15 No image available
INXS Black and White   23 No image available
INXS Devil Inside   381 Kick (1987)
INXS Disappear   102 X (1990)
INXS Don't Change   138 Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
INXS I Need You Tonight   450 Kick (1987)
INXS I Send a Message   36 The Swing (1984)
INXS Just Keep Walking   18 No image available
INXS Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)   145 Listen Like Thieves (1985)
INXS Mediate   69 Kick (1987)
INXS Mystify   122 Kick (1987)
INXS Never Tear Us Apart   233 Kick (1987)
INXS New Sensation   334 Kick (1987)
INXS Original Sin   154 The Swing (1984)
INXS Suicide Blonde   364 X (1990)
INXS The One Thing   148 Shabooh Shoobah (1982)
INXS This Time   41 Listen Like Thieves (1985)
INXS What You Need   196 Listen Like Thieves (1985)
Irene Cara Fame   183 Fame Soundtrack (1980)
Irene Cara Flashdance... What a Feeling   591 What A Feelin' (1983)
Iron Maiden Hooks in You   46 No image available
Iron Maiden Run to the Hills   209 No image available

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